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Best Affordable Social Media Packages

Union Designer Digital is the most reputable social media advertising agency in UK. We offer the most affordable social media marketing and management plans and prices in UK to our customers each month. We offer social media packages-related marketing services ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses who want to build or enhance their online and social media presence but with a small budget.

If you're looking for low-cost social media packages for UK, you are in the right spot. We know that having a solid social media presence is crucial to your business. That's why we've created social media packages to provide you with a results-driven performance at a very reasonable price.

Social media experts are available at our agency who consult businesses and assist them in expanding their reach in the digital age. We assist them in finding new customers, increasing awareness for their brand, promoting their services and products, managing their image and reputation, and creating a community within the world of social media.

Pricing Packages

Social Media Packages

Our low-cost social media packages give you a range of options to grow your business by implementing results-oriented plans. Below, we present a selection of our standard packages that meet many of our client’s requirements. We also offer customized social media packages to your specific business.


£149Per website
  • Paid Aids
  • Google Ads
  • Page Setup & Management
  • 10 Post Monthly (Social Media)
  • 1 Short Animation Video
  • Community Management
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Strategy


£249Per website
  • Paid Aids
  • Google Ads
  • Page Setup & Management
  • 20 Post Monthly (Social Media)
  • 2 Short Animation Video
  • Community Management
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Strategy


£399Per website
  • Paid Aids
  • Google Ads
  • Page Setup & Management
  • 30 Post Monthly (Social Media)
  • 4 Short Animation Video
  • Community Management
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Strategy

Get More Customers Through Our SMM Consultation

A small or another type of business will survive without using social media marketing in the present. Your customers are all online on social media. You require the most effective social media marketing firm within the UK. Solutions for your online marketing and management. It is the essence of what Union Designer is.

We are the leading specialists across the UK and worldwide regarding optimizing social media. Period! No matter what it is, Facebook business and advertising, or some other platform for social media. Our experts will provide the best solutions online for all.

  • SMM Channel optimization
  • Regular and Relevant Posts
  • Hashtag outreach
  • Analysis of the Audience
  • Lookalike and target audience
  • Affordable packages

Social Media Strategies

A social media presence is an integral part of running a successful business. Using the potential that social media marketing has can provide an established strategy to engage your target audience, gain access to new markets, and expand your company. Suppose you are looking for a social media marketing firm; you’re presented with a variety of choices.

Our agency has a long history of developing highly targeted, efficient social media marketing campaigns that produce outcomes. We believe in developing versatile social media strategies that focus on the results. Essentially, this means that you must define your company’s goals and then devise a strategy to assist you in reaching them. Our team’s flexibility allows us to adjust our strategies to enhance your social marketing campaigns.

Increase Conversions

Maximize your social media marketing for bottom-line growth. Are you selling on the internet? Social media marketing is a successful way to put your products and services to potential buyers. It could be advertising specifically targeted, demonstrating social proof, encouraging UGC (UGC), or answering customers’ needs. Utilizing our research, experience, and industry knowledge, our team, targets your customers on social platforms to increase conversion.

Converts are made through social channels:

  • Social media advertising
  • Social evidence
  • User-generated Content (UGC)
  • Affirming the fears
  • Creation of content
  • Optimizing landing page

Brand Awareness

Making your name known to the general public is an enormous job. Being at the top of the list with your targeted market is a proven way to achieve long-term expansion. Brand awareness is how the market you want to reach is aware of your company’s items or offerings. Social media marketing provides an inbound approach to advertising your brand’s image through carefully planned posts, engaging your target audience, and creating a consistent image.

Social media marketing campaigns for brand awareness have assisted businesses in increasing:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Followers
  • Engagement
  • Word-of mouth marketing
  • Mindfulness at the top of your list
  • Brand equity

Drive Traffic

Driving visitors to your website is a challenging job. Making a website that is a source of inspiration for actions requires some planning and experience. Growing traffic on social media is about engaging with your viewers while establishing connections on every network. Knowing the intricacies of each network may be overwhelming, but knowing how to make and distribute content that your target audience will be eager to share is what our team excels at.

We bring social traffic to your website by creating:

  • Content that can share
  • Inspiring visuals
  • Social media with SEO-focused content
  • Engagement of the audience

Customer Service

Social Care, a social method of delivering seamless customer experiences. Customer service departments of the present recognize the importance of assisting with social media to identify problems quickly and address questions. A multi-channel approach to customer support is no longer a luxury and is now expected by customers. Our team is available to assist, whether you’re just beginning your journey into social care or want to move your service to the next step.

Social care platforms provide:

  • Social audits
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring systems
  • Social listening
  • Responses
  • Guidelines

Fresh On The Scene

Social marketing through media requires a mix of strategy and imagination for success. Finding the right place to begin can be a daunting task. Finding out which platforms your clients are producing quality content and engaging your followers regularly are only a few of the steps needed to run successful social media campaigns.

Our team of experts in social media can help you hit the start by:

  • Profile creation
  • Optimization of the profile
  • Posting
  • Creation of content

Analysis Of Competition

To ensure the highest quality outcomes for your company, your account manager conducts competitive analysis. They examine the social media profiles of your main competitors to determine their weaknesses and find opportunities for your company.

Monitoring of social media daily

Social media at all times This is why our team is monitoring your social accounts regularly. They include posts and advertisements that are developed as a component of your plan. To provide more sophisticated monitoring, we provide review management online.

What Is Social Media Advertising And Why Is It Important?

Advertising on social media is referred to as targeting social media. It’s the act of advertising on social media sites to enhance your brand and generate action from your target audience. The response could be to ask questions about your products or services, buy the products or services of your brand, or go to your website.

Contrary to organic social media advertising focuses on reaching highly targeted audience’s segments to improve the ROI (ROI). Social media advertising places your brand’s image before the correct clients at the appropriate date and time. This digital marketing technique is crucial to reach new, targeted demographics in a short amount of time.

The Social-Media Marketing Programs Which Are The Most Suitable For Your Company?

If you are researching the various social media packages, getting overwhelmed is not uncommon. There are a variety of agencies and numerous plans that could make it challenging to select the right social media platform for your company.

You can narrow your choices using the questions below:

How many social media sites are we looking to reach?

What are we hoping to achieve through marketing via social media?

What is the amount we would like to spend every month on marketing via social media?

What exactly do we require an agency for social media marketing to offer?

What criteria or standards do we have in a social media marketing agency?

Based on your answers, you and your team can create a checklist of what you seek in a social media service. This checklist will assist your business in narrowing down your options and eliminating social media marketing companies. Perhaps, for instance, your business wants to promote through Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. While numerous social media marketing companies offer services on Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is less widespread. It helps your team concentrate their search on companies with expertise in Pinterest.

When you are comparing packages and agencies, it’s important to consider the future requirements of your business. However, you might initially market using one social media platform and then expand to three, two, or even four. That’s why you need an experienced agency and a package that will grow with your company.

Best Uses Of Social Media Advertising

With more and more companies are embracing social media ads, it is essential to know how to utilize social media to promote your business and advertising to improve your opportunities to convert. For a better understanding of the way that social media advertising functions, our social media marketing company outline the principal reasons for social media ads:

  1. Present your company’s brand.
  2. 2 Market your services and products.
  3. Pay attention to your distinctive product offerings for your brand, such as promotions and occasions.
  4. Retarget potential customers who are already interested.
  5. Invite online users to your site.

The main objective of social media advertising is to attract new customers and boost your online revenues. Find the most effective platforms to place your ads on to earn cash and increase sales. Contact our social media marketing team now.

Another Reason Companies Pick Union Designer

We’re a full-service digital advertising agency that helps companies advertise on five or more social media sites. With our services, you can easily allow your company to develop a social media marketing strategy without starting over again by selecting an agency or social media packages.

If you’re unsure which is the ideal social media packages for your company, talk to our team. We’re an expert and knowledgeable team of strategists who can assist your business in determining the best strategy for your business.

Contact us at (+44 783 334 0104) or. Make contact via email to find out more.


Social media sites are utilized frequently by most people around the world. It would be doing your business an injustice not to utilize these platforms to improve the interaction with your targeted customers and boost your online visibility. Many customers visit the social media pages of a company or profiles to look over before making a purchase.


 Establishing an online presence for your business is essential to ensure that your current and future customers can check out your website’s activities and informally interact with your company. People who aren’t yet in the market to buy are more likely to participate in chats on Facebook chat or contact you on Twitter or LinkedIn rather than soliciting a consultation using the form on your website.

It is essential to research to discover what social media platforms are most popular with your intended group of customers. With this information, you must be present on all the platforms your potential customers are likely to interact. Also, consider the kinds of services and products you provide and choose the best platform for your brand’s image and message. Also, consider your business objectives and think about platforms that will help your goals.

Most often, businesses decide to purchase a social media marketing package due to the following reasons: They don’t have the resources and resources or team members to run an internal campaign.

The team doesn’t possess the skills or knowledge to design and launch campaigns.

They don’t have a highly-performing campaign, but they’d like to make changes.

A social media program can offer many companies ease of use and outcomes. It offers your business access to a skilled team, and it saves you time. Additionally, the best agency and package can help your company reach social media marketing goals.

If you share information on Facebook or Twitter, you’re giving information to your followers as well as the general public to read naturally. However, an advertisement on social media sites is a form of paid advertising. You can make your advert, target your customers based on demographics and their interests and ensure that your company’s image is before your ideal customer.

The cost of advertising on social media is based on your available budget. It isn’t an extremely costly advertising option. However, the more you invest in it, the more benefits and see results. It is essential to design your social media marketing budget in a way that is compatible with the platform’s limitations.

For example, Facebook has a minimum daily ad expenditure, and it is recommended to start with a low amount. Once you’ve understood the things that work and don’t, you can increase your budget. You’ll soon be able to see a positive ROI on the investment.

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