The 6 Point you need to know to become a UI designer

1. What is UI design and designer?

Let us start with the UI design. In simple words, it is the design made for the user to interact with it. It should be creative and easy for the user to operate. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a UI designer to make it fascinating and inviting for users.
UX Designer have equal importance in making customer traffic as UI designers. Good teamwork between them can create a perfect and ideal interface for users. They have to make the products usable, enjoyable, and accessible to users.

UI design principles?
A UI designer has to keep these points in mind while developing.
To provide an approach to function and make it memorable for the user.
To serve all the control to the user.
To provide flexibility of the interface to the user.
Go with the rule of simpler is better.
Different designs for different types of users
your research.
Consistently update.

2. The Fundamental elements to be a UI designer: –

Gaining the basic knowledge of the work is necessary if you want to excel in it. It includes the aesthetic preference to the designer productivity.
By understanding the process and manner of developing a user interface and learning to use UI design tools. A designer should also know how to reproduce the existed designs and design rules for each platform. Following are some points which a designer has to keep in mind to create a design attractive and interactive:

  • Color
  • Font
  • Typography
  • UX design & interaction
  • Design specifications
  • Goal-driven Design
  • Affordance & Signifier

3. The essential abilities you need to become a UI designer: –

Cultivating your sense of aesthetics for eye-catching designs and a good User experience. The Interaction Design should be easy to understand and use. A Designer should have the coding Ability to implement action in his design and functions. An ideal Interface should have simplicity, navigability, consistency, and user-centricity in its design.

4. The Tools a UI designer must master:

  • Sketch:
    A sketch is a vector-based tool. It provides a designer to resize a drawing, prototype, or wireframe without losing its quality. This platform can also collaborate with a team to bring ideas into reality.
  • InVision Studio:
    The most popular tool among UI designers is also a vector-based tool. You can adjust, change, design, and fit any prototype screen automatically. You can share your designs on its board, where clients or teammates can also comment.
  • Figma:
    This platform offers you to make animated prototypes and alter them into different screens of given constricts. The option of co-editing is also available that can save you time.
  • Adobe XD:
    You can wireframe, prototype, collaborate, animate, and more through this tool. It is an all-in-one app and used by both UI and UX designers. Like sketch and envision, it is a vector-based tool which means you can make high-fidelity designs for any screen. It offers some of its functions for free and paid versions for businesses and individuals.
  • Just in mind:
    It is also free to use tool for designing. With its help, Different styles, sizes, and layouts can fit into any type of screen with the option of interaction transition and animations. It develops a responsive and interactive interface design smartly.
  • Wonder share Mockitt:
    It is a library of built-in UI assets and templates. You can drag and drop the components or create and reuse libraries and collaborate with your teammates. You can get a free version as well as paid version online.

5. How can you learn UI design?

You can learn and get UI design online courses, UI design books, and UI design tutorials or, you can get inspiration from UI design websites.

I am listing some of the relevant sources below:
i. Through UI books: –

The knowledge you get from books is mostly long-lasting. Some of the helpful and informative books are:

UI is Communication – by Everett N McKay
Don’t Make Me Think – by Steve Krug
Simple and Usable Web, Mobile, and Interaction Design – by Giles Colborne
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ii. By UI design online courses: –
One of the best ways to learn is online. You can find a pool of knowledge at your fingertips with ease. For example

  • Hack design
  • My. path

iii. Learning from Websites: –
Websites help guide and educate people and contain all the information. Below are some famous websites to learn UI designs.

  • Behance
  • Dribble
  • UI Movement
  • Flickr

6. UI design Practice: –

The best way to improve your UI design skills is with experience and perseverance. Here are some tips to practice.

i. Pick up contract work: –

It is the best way to learn and earn at the same time. It will not be only for your portfolio but will become aware of different projects related to UI designs for android and flutter UI design.

ii. Participate in a design competition: –
Mobile app design or mobile UI theme designs, app skin designs, and all kinds of games challenge yourself to give the best of yourself.

iii. Practice on your own: –

Practice never goes to waste. Keep yourself updated with new skills. It will help in life-long experiences and enhance your abilities.

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